Brian Jobe

Brian Jobe
Senior Pastor
Compass Christian Church

A Message from Pastor Brian

As I reflect on what God has done through Uncharted in such a short time I am amazed. It reminds me that the greatest benefit of generosity isn’t a future building or whatever you’re raising money for, it is the way God uses our generosity to stretch our faith and transform our lives in the process.

God wants to take us to new places with Him—into uncharted territory! It’s there that we experience His undeniable and life-giving presence. Getting to those places doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when we obey one of the most frequent commands given by God to His people throughout the Bible, “Trust in Me!”

When God asked us to journey into the Uncharted, essentially, He was asking us to trust Him! It’s one thing to say we trust in God. But it’s another thing to live like we trust in God. That is where the transforming power of generosity comes into play. Generosity proves and generates trust in God. Generosity is not something God wants from us…it’s something God wants for us. And we keep trusting Him when we live out our commitments faithfully!

I am so proud of our church and the impact we are making as we journey into the uncharted together! Stay strong, keep the faith, and keep trusting God!

In Christ’s love,

Brian Jobe

Pastor Brian

2019 Baptisms

Untapped Potential

We’ve had ongoing planning meetings with architects for the new worship center at the Chandler campus. We anticipate work on our parking lots to begin in September and building construction to begin in October. At the Casa Grande campus enhancements have begun in the children’s building.

Unstoppable Mission

Because of your faithful giving, through our general operating budget, we’ve seen ministries continue to flourish. So far in 2019:
Avg. Weekend Attendance: 3,336
Rooted Participants: 317
Summer Camp Attendance: 273
VBS Attendance: 550+ kids

Unreached People

We have expanded our global missional engagement by helping start new churches in the Dominican Republic and Brazil.