Matt and Lindsay O’Malley

When an unexpected loss of income occurred, the O’Malleys didn’t shrink back from their generosity commitment, they pressed into God and chose to trust Him completely. Watch to see how their story unfolded.

Matt Lawrence

Hear how Matt Lawrence’s growing faith was taken even deeper as he took a big step of faith with the Uncharted Generosity Initiative.

Roger and Nancy Storms

Hear how the Lord led Compass Pastor Emeritus Roger Storms and his wife, Nancy, through monumental steps of faith in the past, and how God is challenging them now to take an “Uncharted” journey.

Mac and Tia McLemore

Mac and Tia McLemore share their thoughts about serving at Compass, what “Uncharted” means to them, and how this generosity initiative will impact the church’s mission to lead people to find and follow Jesus.

Dave and Kathy Wilkinson

Dave and Kathy Wilkinson share how missional living has not only impacted their lives but it’s also changed lives around the world.

Kelsey Lowe

For Kelsey Lowe managing her time between God, career, and serving at Compass has always been a challenge. However, over the years she has learned to lean on God and just trust Him. Learn how Kelsey is now using that trust to go into the uncharted.

Tom and Jann’e Gutierrez

Tom and Jann’e Gutierrez share their passion for Royal Family Kids and reflect on using their talents and resources God has given them to serve Him.

Steve Bell

Steve Bell reflects on 21 years of history at Compass. From the time and financial sacrifices people at Compass have faithfully given, to the countless blessings God has bestowed upon His church.

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